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  • Melaleuca Field, Home of the Chukars

    Find out about Chukars tickets, Idaho Falls hotels and restaurants, the best lodging, eating and exploring options or read about the history of Melaleuca Field—you can do it all right here. Our aim is to provide you with the information you need to plan and enjoy your visit to the Idaho Falls area. Welcome!

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Melaleuca Field History

Since 1919, when local baseball enthusiasts scratched a diamond into a beet field next to the city's first park, baseball has been the center attraction at what is now known as Melaleuca Field. But what was the ballpark called before that? When did the first professional baseball team play in Idaho Falls anyway? And what was their team name? Come on over to the Melaleuca Field History page to find out all of that – and much more...

Melaleuca Field Event Calendar

Find out when the Chukars are playing next and who they are playing against. View the complete calendar for Melaleuca Field, including Chukars games, concerts, high school sports and other special events. Get your calendar here...

Visiting Idaho Falls

Business Week named us one of the "Best Places to Raise Kids," and CNN/Money called us one of the "Top 100 Cities" in the USA. We just call Idaho Falls "home," and we invite you to do the same – at least for a while. Here, you can find local recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants and attractions. The Idaho Falls Chukars are a big part of the fun here, but there is much, much more to do in Idaho Falls – both before and after the game...

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