Idaho Falls Restaurants

Idaho is famous for potatoes, but Idaho Falls restaurants don’t stop there. From fusion cuisine and sushi to some of the best bars and grills around, your taste buds won’t lack for adventure here. Whether you prefer the familiarity of national or regional restaurant brands–or love to visit local favorites, Idaho Falls has it all: historic breakfast places, lunch by the river, and steakhouses offering western style steak as good as you can get it. After enjoying the game at Melaleuca Field, head on downtown for more family-friendly fun and exceptional local dining.

Olive Garden
ADDRESS: 1305 West Broadway Street
PHONE: (208) 227-0545
ADDRESS: 2380 East 17th Street
PHONE: (208) 525-2660
Outback Steakhouse
ADDRESS: 970 Lindsay Boulevard
PHONE: (208) 523-9301

Directions to Melaleuca Field

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