Chukar’s Games Are A Blast With A Big Group!

If baseball and apple pie are two distinctly American traditions, here’s a way to get both in one excellent day: Bring the family, bring your friends, bring your teammates from work—invite everyone you know and come celebrate at Melaleuca Field.

Group rates apply when your gathering totals 20 people, and the price keeps getting lower as the number of participants increases. At Melaleuca Field, you and more than 1000 of your closest friends can enjoy the game and chow down some food in an atmosphere that’s only possible at baseball games (looking at the menu, though, you may need to bring your own apple pie).

You get discounted tickets in advance, so there’s no need for you and your crew to wait in line—and the Chukars will even make a special welcoming announcement over the public address system. Think of the possibilities: surprise birthday parties, anniversary observations, meet and greets for businesses … have some fun this summer. Take a hint from the Idaho Falls Chukars and “Play ball!”

Chukar's Baseball Games