Vote for Charlie the Chukar!

Charlie Chukar at Melaleuca Field

That’s right ladies and gentleman. Charlie Chukar is up for Mascot Champion of the Year! Each year the MILB hosts Mascot Mania where fans can vote for their favorite mascot.  Melaleuca Field is hoping this will be Charlie The Chukar’s year to bring home the title of Mascot Champion.

But, Charlie needs your vote. Click to vote at

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Orbit Mascot Champion

There is some steep competition though. Meet Orbit.

He is the 2012 defending mascot champion.

It won’t be easy for Charlie to dethrone Orbit, but if anyone can, it is Charlie.

Even with your vote, if Charlie doesn’t win, he can always take consolation in being the most intriguing bird in the world.

Warning: The videos about Charlie the Chukar below will make you laugh. Make sure the volume is turned up….